Welcome! And congratulations to you and yours on this special occasion.

For you it may be your first-time-parent experience -awaiting the arrival of your first born child—or maybe it’s your second or third…, Either way, I know it can be an exciting and stressful time. A solid foundation which consist partially of loving relationships, wisdom, good planning, support  and a good sense of humor will help you balance what’s most important and manage these feelings, so all can enjoy the arrival of your precious little one.

Or, perhaps as an adult you dare consider changing your name your parents gave you at birth… It takes courage. I understand.

What’s in a name? A lot! It’s one of the first important things you give your precious little ones that he and she may have for the rest of their  lives.  It’s the child’s identify: you are your name and your name is you. Remember (your childhood)?

I am passionate about the power of words, particularly names. Your precious little one deserves the best: Give him or her the best meaningful name possible.

GiGi’s WORDS OF WISDOM concerning your  name choice. Remember your precious little bundle of joy will be off to school before you know it,     will  be a teenager and then an adult… The name should  endure  the test of time. It should be:

  1. Meaningful. What’s the meaning of and the purpose of this name? A name has a meaning. Each human being  on this  earth    has a purpose and need to be equipped with the best every step of the way.
  2. Easy to pronounce and spell and understand.
  3. Rhythmic. How does the first, middle and last name sound all together?
  4. And give caution to trendy and made up names.      
  5. So, it is my prayer that in God’s wisdom  you and yours will make the best decision.