20 Most Popular Names 2018


1.) Liam (Irish roots, means,”helmet of will”)

2.) Noah (Hebrew roots, “rest, repose”)

3.) William (German roots, “determined protector”)

4.) James ( Hebrew, “supplanter”, one who follows)

5.) Logan ( From Scottish surname, “hollow”)

6.) Benjamin (Hebrew, “son of my right hand”)

7.) Mason (From an English surname, “stoneworker”)

8. Elijah (Hebrew roots, “my God is Yahweh”)

9.) Oliver ( In English, meaning, “the olive tree.”)

10.) Jacob (Hebrew, “He grasps the heel.” )



Emma (German roots, ” whole or universal”)

Olivia (English, Elf Army. Latin, “olive branch”)

Ava (Latin, ”living one”)

Isabella ( Hebrew. “devoted to God”)

Sophia (From Greek, “wisdom, wise”)

Mia (Latin, “commonly used: wished for child; bitter”)

Charlotte (French roots, “free man” or “petite.”)

Amelia (Latin, “industrious” and “striving.”)

Evelyn (In English, “beauty, radiance or hazelnut.”)

Abigail (Hebrew, “Father rejoiced, or father’s joy.”)

Names ranking source: USA Social Security Administration