[B] Bible Names


Baal (ba’-al) Lord; master; possessor; controller; possessor of anything; owner.

Baalhazor [Baal Hazor] (ba’al-ha’-zor) Having a village; fence or castle. Lord of the court; lord of trumpeting.

Baalis (ba’-al-is) Son of exultation; in rejoicing; the lord of joy or rules. Lord of the banner.

Babel (ba’-bel) Confusion; (the root is to pour over; to pour together).

Babylonians (bab-il-o’neans) Inhabitants of Babylon. Confusion; (root is to pour over, pour together0. Greek: To confound.

Bakbakkar (bak-bak’-kar) Diligent searching.

Balaam (ba’-la-am) Destruction of the people; swallowing up the people; the disturber of the people.

Baptist (bap’-tist) To dip repeatedly; to immerse; to submerge.

Barabbas (ba-rab’-bas) Son of Abba; son of a father; so of return.

Barak (ba’-rak) Lightning; thunder; thunderbolt.

Barkos (bar’-cos)  Son after his father; partly-colored. The son cut off.

Barjesus [Bar Jona] (bar-je’sus) Son of Jesus.

Barnabas (bar’-sab-as) Son of Saba; a son that suspends the water. Man. Son of the host.

Bartholomew (bar-thol’o-mew) Son of Talmai. Abounding in furrows.

Bathsheba (bath’-she-bah) Daughter of an oath; ( the roots , a daughter; to swear; to promise by an oath).

Ben (ben) Son; edification (of the family).

Benjamin (ben’-ja-min) Son of the right hand; son of my days; i.e., son of old age.

Bernice (bur-ni’-see) Victorious; carrying of victory.

Beryl (ber’-yl) She will improverish.

Bethany (beth’-a-ny) House of affliction (or response). House of dates or figs. (Out of affliction comes fruit.

Beulah (be-u’-lah) Married; a married woman.

Bezaleel (be-zal’-e-el) In the shadow of God; under God’s shadow.

Boaz (bo’-az) In Him (the Lord) is strength. Come in strength; strength; fleetness.

Bukki (buk’-ki) Emptying of the Lord; wasting from Jehovah; wasting.

Bunni (bun’ni) My understanding; built. I am built.

Buz (buz) Contempt; to despise; ( the root is to despise).

Buzi ( boo’-zi) Contemned of Jehovah; my contempt.

Buzite (boo’-zite) Descendants of Buz. Contempt; to despise.