[C] Bible Names

Cabbon (cab’-bon) Cake. As the prudent; as the builder.

Caesar (se’-zur) One cut out. Severed.

Caesar Augustus (se’-zur aw-gus’-tus) One cut out. Venerable; sacred; kingly.

Caesarea (ses-a-re’-ah) Severed.

Caesarea Philippi (ses-a-re’-ah fil-ip’-pi) Severed. Lover of horses.

Caiaphas (cah’-ya-fus) A searcher; he that seeks with diligence. As comely.

Cain (cain) Possession; acquisition; fabrication; ( the root is to possess; to acquire). A purchase. Make.

Cainan (ca’-nun) Possessor; acquisition; a purchase; being purchased.

Calah (ca’-lah)  Old age; completion; ( the root is to be complete). Seasonable. Full age.

Calamus (cal’-a-mus) Sweet stalk; reed.

Caleb (ca’-leb) Bold; impetuous. A dog. Wholehearted. Hearty.

Calvery (cal’-va-ry Skull; place of a skull.

Camon (ca’-mon) Abouding in stalks. standing corn. A riser up

Canaan ( ca’-na-an) Merchants’ trader’ servant; low region; lowland; low; humbled; (the root is to be humble; to be subdued; to be brought low) A trafficker.

Candace (can’-da-see) Queen or ruler of children.

Carmel (car’-mel ) Fruitful field; park; fertile.

Carpus (car-she’-nah) Illustrious; spoiler; slender.

Castor (cas’tor) A girl; damsel; maiden.

Cephas (se’-fas) A stone.

Chaldea (kal-de’-ah) The land of the Chaldreans. Astrologer. Wanderer.

Chapmen (chap’-men) The search-men.

Charashum (car ‘-a-shim) Fortress of refuge. The root is surround; to fortify.

Chemarims (kem”-a-rims) Persons dressed in black attire. To be warm; affectionate. As changed ones.

Chephirah (ke-fi’-rah) Village. A young lioness; covert.

Chesalon (kes’-a-lon) Firm confidence; hope. Foolish confidence; as extolled.

Chloe (clo’-e) Green herb; cover with green vegetation.

Chozeba (ko-ze’-bah) Lying; deceiver. Falsehood

Christ (krist) Anointed.

Claudia (claw’-de-ah) Lame. Surging.

Claudius (claw’-de-us) Lame. Whining. (the forth emperor of Rome,)

Claudius Lysias (claw’-de-us lis’-e-as) Lame. He who has the power to set free; releaser, (a captain in the army of  Rome).

Clement (clem’-ent) Kind; merciful; mild.

Cleopas (cle’-o-pas) The whole glory; renowned father. Famed of all.

Coniah (co-ni’-ah) Established of the Lord; whom Jehovah has set up.

Cornelius ( cor-ne’-le-us) The beam of the sun. Pitiless full

Crispus (cris’-pus). Curled; curly-haired.

Cyprus (si’-prus) Love; a blossom.

Cyrus (si’-rus) The sun; lovely; a blossom. one who  succeeds; inheritor; an heir.