[D] Bible Names

Dabarah (dab’-a-reh) A sheep walk; manner of speaking; pasture; From the root, to lead flocks to pasture; to speak; to promise.

Dabbasheth (dab’-ba-sheth) Flowing with honey.

Dagon (da’-gon) Honored fish; A national idol and god of the Philistines. It had the head, arms and body of a man, but the body terminated in a fish; From the root fish; to increase; to multiply.

Dalaiah (dal-a-i’-ah) Whom Jehovah has delivered; Jehovah is deliverer. Drawn of Jah (short for Jehovah).

Dalphon (dal’-fon) Proud; strenuous. Dropping.

Damaris (dam’-a-ris) Calf; a heifer. A yoke-bearing wife.

Dan (dan) Judging; judge; he that judges; From the root to judge; to rule; to execute judgment; to contend.

Daniel (dan’-yel) Judge of God; i.e., one who delivers judgment in the name of God; my judge is God; God is my judge; he that judges.

Dannah (dan’-nah) You have judged; judgment. Low land.

Dara (da’-rah) Bearer. The arm.

Darda (dar’-dah) Pearl of wisdom. He compassed knowledge; dwelling of knowledge.

Darius (da-ri’-us) A restrainer; governor. A possessor by succession. He that informs himself; a king. Investigation, the dwelling will be full of heaviness.

Darkon (dar’-kon) Thrusting through. From the root to pierce through. Bearer; scattering. The dwelling of lamentation.

David (da’-vid) Beloved.

Debir (de’-bur) An oracle; speaker; a recess; i.e., the inner part of the temple where the ark of the covenant was placed and where responses were given.

Deborah (deb’-o-rah) Eloquent; an orator; bee. From the root a bee; to speak. Her speaking.

Delaiah (del-a-i’-ah) Drawn up of the Lord; whom Jehovah has freed; Jehovah is deliverer. Delicate; Dainty one.

Delilah (de-li’-lah) Delicate. From the root to be brought low; to hang down; to be languid. A drawer of water

Demas (de’-mas) Popular; ruler of people.

Demetrius (de-me’-tre-us) Belonging to Demeter ( the goddess of agriculture and rural life). Mother earth.

Derbe (der’-by) Tanner; tanner of skin; covered with skin.

Deuel (de-oo’-el) Invocation of God; God is knowing. Know ye God.

Diamond (dia’-mond) He will strike down.

Diana (di-an’-ah) Justice; one who judges. Flow restrained; complete light.

Dinah (di’-na) Judged; i.e., vindicated; justice, she that is judged.

Dishon (di’-shan) Gazelle; wild goat; antelope; leaping. Their threshing; threading.

Dodavah (do’-da-vah) Love of the Lord. Jehovah is loving.

Drusilla (dru-sil’-lah) Watered by the drew.

Dumah (doo’-mah) Silence; resemblance.

Dura (doo’-rah) Circle. Habitation.