[A] Bible Names


Aaron (a’-ur-un) Light; a shining light; a mountain of strength; enlightened; very high; to be high. Teaching; to shine. Chaldean: to be high.

Aaronites (a’-ur-un-ites) Descendants of Aaron. Light; a shining light; a mountain of strength; enlightened; very high; to be high. Teaching; to shine. Chaldean: to be high.

 Ab Fifth Jewish month (July-August)

Abaddon (abaddon(ab-ad’-dum) Destruction.

Abagtha (ab-ag’-thah) Fortune; happy; prosperous; given by fortune. Father of the winepress.

Abana (ab-ay’-nah) Stony; rocky; her stones. Constancy; a sure ordinance.

Abarim (ab’-ar-im) Regions beyond; passages’ passing over; (root=pl. beyond; a region on the other side; from beyond).

Abba (ab’-bah) Father (denotes childlike intimacy and trust. A title of great respect.)

Abda (ab’-dah) Servant or worshiper (of God); (roots- a) a servant; a slave; (figuratively) a worshiper of God; b) to labor; to work; to serve; – to worship).

Abdeel (ab’-de-el) Servant (of God)

Abdi (ab’-di) Servant of Jehovah; my servant.

Abdiel (ab’-de-el) Servant of God (El)

Abdon (ab’-dun) Serville; hard slavery; a judge; service or cloud od judgment. A faithful servant; a servant; service.

Abednego [Abed Nego] (abed’-ne-go) Servant or worshipper of Nego; servant of light; servant of splendor; i.e., the sun; worshipper of Mercury. The servant of Jupiter.

Abel (a’-bel) A breath; vanity; vapor; (roots a)vanity; transitoriness; breath; i.e., breath of the mouth; fading away; b) mourning; from the root to mourn, to lament) Withering; fading away. A meadow.

Abelbethmaachah [Abelbeth Maachah] (a’-bel-beth-ma’-akah) Meadow of the house of Maachah; mourning for the house of oppression.

Abel Keramim [NIV] (a’-belker-a’-mim) Mourning of the vineyards.

Abelmain [Abel Main] (a’bel-ma’-im) Place of waters; irrigating waters. Mourning of the waters.

Abelmeholah [Abel Mehalah] (a’-bel-me-ho’-lah) Meadow of dancing; (root- a dance; dancing; to turn around; to twist oneself 9 in pain used as a woman in labor); to dance in a circle). Mourning for sickness. Mourning for dancing.

Abelmizraim [Abel Mizraim] (a’-bel-miz’ra-im) Of Egypt; mourning of the Egyptians; mourning of Egypt.

Abelshittim [Abel Shittim] (a’bel-shit-tim) Plains; meadows of acacias.

Abez (a’-bez) Whiteness; white; to be white.

Abi (a’-bi) My father is Jehovah; the will of God.

Abia (ab-i’- ah) God my Father; Jehovah is Father. Fatherly.

Abiah (ab-i’-ah) Same as Abia:God my Father; Jehovah is Father. My father is Jah.

Abiabon [Abi-Albon] (ab’-ial’bun) Father of strength; (root-strong). My father is above understanding. Father of understanding.

Abiasaph (ab-i’-as-af) Father of gathering; remover of reproach; (root- to collect; to gather up; to take away; to vanish).

Abiathar ( ab’-i’-uth-ur) Plenty; father of plenty; excellent father; father of superfluity; (root- to abound; to be over and above; to be left; that which is left) Father of the great one.

Abib (a’-bib) An ear of corn; green ear. First Jewish month (March-April). After the Babylonian exile it was commonly called Nisan.

Abida (ab’-id-ah) Father of knowledge; my father knows.

Abidah (ab’-id-ah) Same as Abida, father of knowledge; my father knows.

Abidan (ab’-id-ah) The father judges; my father judges, father of a judge.

Abiel (a’-be-el) Father of strength. My father is God (El).

Abiezer (ab-e-e’-zur) My father will help; in help; father of helps; my father is my help.

Abiezrite [Abi Ezrite] (ab-i-ez’rite) Descendants of Abiezer- My father will help; in help; father of helps.

Abigail (1) (ab’-e-gul) Father of exultation; father of joy; cause of joy; the joy of the father; exultation; joy; gladness; my father is joy.

Abihail (ab’-e-ha’-il) Father of might; father or cause of strength; father of splendor; my father is strength.

Abihu (a-bi’hew) He(God) is my father; whose father is he.

Abihud  (a-bi’-hud) Father of honor; father of majesty; father of praise; my father is majesty.

Abijah (a-bi’-jah) Same as Abia and Abiah- God my Father; Jehovah is my father. My father is Jah.

Abimelech (a-bim’-e-lek) Father of the king; my father is king.

Abiram (a-bi’-um) Father of loftiness; father is the exalted one; the renowned father; father of altitude.

Abner (ab’-nur) Father of light. The father’s candle.

Abraham (a’-bra-ham) Father of a multitude; father of a great multitude; father of mercy; a father of many nations.

Abram (a’ brum) A high father; father of height; the exalted father; high and lofty thinker; high or honored father.

Abrech (Ab’-rech) I will cause blessing; tender father.

Absolom (ab’-sal-um) Father of peace; my father is peace.

Adaiah (ad-al-i’yah) Upright; the honor of Ized.

Adam (ad’-um) Earthy or red earth; of the ground; taken out of the red earth; (root- to be red; ruddy).

Addar (ad’-dar) Greatness; height’ honorable.

Addon (ad’-don) Humble; calamity. Misfortune.

Admatha (ad’-math-ah) God given. Her earthiness.

Adna (ad’-nah) Pleasure.

Adonijah (ad-on-I-jah) Jehovah is my Lord; Lord of the Lord; my Lord God. My Lord is jah.

Adriel (a’-dre-el) Flock of God; honor of flock of God. My sheepherder (the one who is very personally and intensely involved in my life) is God.

Agar (a’-gar) Same as Hagar-Flight; (root is to flee) Came to mean fugitive; immigrant. The sojourner.

Ahab (a’-hab) The brother of my father; my father’s  brother.

Ahiezer (a-hi-e’-zer) Brother of help, (from the ideal of surrounding, girding, and defending).

Ahikam (a-hi’-kam) Brother of rising up; brighter of the enemy (in the sense of rising up); my brother hs risen or appeared.

Ahimelech (a-him’-el-ek)  Brother of the king; my brother is king.

Aholibah (a-hol’-ib-ah) My tabernacle in her; my tent is in her.

Aija (a-i’-jah0 A heap of ruins; (root- to bend; to twist; to distort. A steep place or valley.

Aijalon (a-ij’-el-on) A large stag; place of gazelles; a sift hind. A deer field.

Akan  (a’-kan) Torques; acute; twisted; Oppression.

Alammelech (a-lam’-mel-ek) Oak of the king; king’s oak.

Alamoth (al’-am-oth) Virgins. Hiding place.

Alexander (al–ex-an’-dur) Defending men; men defender; defender; helper of men; one who turns away evil.

Alexandria (al-ex-an’dree-ah) Same a Alexander.Defending men; men defender; defender; helper of men; one who turns away evil.

Aliah (a-li’-ah)  Evil. Iniquity. Sublime.

Alleluia (al-le-loo’-yah) Closest definition: Praise ye the Lord.

Allon (al’-lon) An oak; (root is to roll; to be think).

Almighty (ol-mit’e) Shaddai; the Almighty.

Almon (al’-mon) Hidden; ( the root is to hide; to conceal).

Alpha (al’-fah) The beginning. ( the first letter of the Greek alphabet).

Alvah (al’-vah) Iniquity; (the root is to turn aside; to distort; to be wicked).

Alvan (al’-vah) Unrighteous; sublime. Their ascent; iniquitous ones.

Amad (a’-mad) Eternal people.

Amal (a’-mal) Troublesome; labor; sorrow; ( the root is to labor the product of labor; heavy. wearisome labor; trouble; sorrow.

Amalek (am’-al-ek) A people that lick up or exhaust; people of lapping a strangler of the  people.

Amana (am-a’-nah) A confirmation; truth; integrity; (the root is to nurse; to stay; to support. To be faithful). Constancy; a settled provision.

Amariah (am-a-ri’-ah) Jehovah spoke of; the speech of the Lord.

Amen (a’-men) So be it; very truly; verily.

Amethyst (am’-e-thyst) Dream stone.

Ammihur (am-min’-a-dab) My people are noble.

Andrew (an’-a- drew) Manliness.

Anna (an’-nah) Grace.

Antichrist (an’-ti-krist) Adversary to Christ; against Christ. An opponent of the Messiah, Translated from the Greek word antichristos.

Antioch (an’-te-ok) Driven against. (The capitol of the Greek kings of Syria. Later, residence of Roman governors of the province of Antioch).