[E] Bible Names

Ebal (e’-bal) Stone; stony; a heap of ruins; heap of bareness; bare. Heaps of confusion.

Ebed (e’-bed) Servant; slaves; slave. From the root to labor; to toil; to serve.

Ebedmelech [Ebed-Melech] (e’bed-me’-lak) Servant of the king; slave of the king.

Ebenezer (eb-en-e’-zur) Stone of help; the Lord helped us. (stone raised in memory of the defeat of the Philistine).

Eber (e’-bur) He who passed over; the region beyond. A passer over. A shoot. From the root to pass over a river; to go through a land; to pass by. Beyond the other side as having crossed over.

Ebiasaph (e-bi’-a-saf) Father of increase; the father that gathers together; the father of gathering;. from the root; father; to add; to increase; to repeat.

Ed (ed) Witness.

Edar (e’-dar) Flock; From the root to keep in ranks; to keep in order; to lack nothing.

Edom (e’dum) Red; red earth.

Egypt (e’-jipt) Black; oppressor. Double straits.

Ehi (e’-hi) My brother; unity.

Ehud (e’-hud) Joined together; strong; union. He that praises.

Eladah (el’-a-dah) God adorns; ornament of God; whom God clothes; God has adorned.

Elam (e’-lam) Hidden time;eternity. Youth; high. Their heaps; suckling them; eternal.

Elasah (el’-a-sah) Whom God made; God is doer.

Eleazar (el-e-a’-zar) Whom God helps or aids; the help of God; God is  helper.

Eli (e’-li) Jehovah is high; my God; a foster son; adopted of the Lord. My ascension. My God; Elevated. (The high priest in Samuel’s time).

Eliab (e’-le-ab) My God is Father; whose Father is God; God, my Father; God is the Father.

Eliada (e-li’-a-dah) Whom God knows; acknowledges and cares for; God is knowing; God kindly regarded.

Eliahba (e-li’-ah-bah) Whom God hides; God does hide.

Eliakim (el-li’-a-kim) Whom God’s sets up; to establishes and causes to stand. God will raise up; God does establish.

Eliam (e’-le-am) God’s people; the people of my God; God is one of the family; God’s founder of the people.

Elias (e-li’-as) Same as Elijah. God-Lord; strength of the Lord; God is Jehovah; God, Himself.

Elidad (e-li’-dad) Whom God loves; God has loved; God is a friend. My God is lover.

Eliel (e’-le-el)  Whom God is God; to whom God is strength; God is God.

Eliezer (e-li-e’-zur) God of help; my God is help; God is my help.

Elijah (e-li’-jah) God-Lord; strength of the Lord; my God is Jehovah; the Lord God.

Elika (e-li’-kah) God of the congregation; strength of the congregation. God is rejector; God has spewed out.

Elim (e’-lim) A grove of oaks; palms. From the root- a strong robust tree; to strengthen. Mighty ones.

Elimelech (e-lim’-e-lik) God of the king. My God the king. God is king.

Elisabeth (e-liz’-a-beth) Greek from the Elisheba. God of the oath. God is her oath, a worshiper of God; to whom God is the oath; God of the covenant; oath of the God; my God has sworn.

Elisha (e-li’-shah) God the Savior; to whom God is salvation; God of salvation; God is Savior.

Eliud (e-li’-ud) God of Judah; God is majesty; God is my praise.

Elnaam (el-na’-am) God of pleasantness; whose pleasure God is; God is pleasant.

Eloi (e-lo’-ee) My God.

Elon (e’-lon) Magnificent oak, an oak tree; string. Might.

Elpaal (el-pa’-al) God the maker; to whom God is the reward; God is a reward; God is working.

Eltekeh (el’-te-keh) God fearing; whose fear is God. Let God spue you out.

Emerald (em’-er-ald) Enameled.

Emmanuel (em-man’-uel) God with us.

Emmaus (em’-ma-us) Hot springs. In earnest longing.

Enoch (e’-nok) Initiated; initiating; teacher; dedicated; consecrated; experienced.

Epaphras (ep’-a-fras) Commended; charming; foamy.

Epaphroditus (e-paf-ro-di’-tus) Lovely; handsome; charming.

Ephraim (e’-fra-im) Two fold increase; very fruitful. Double ash-heap.

Erastus (e-ras’-tus) Beloved.

Eri (e’-ri) Watcher of the Lord. Worshiper of Jehovah; my watcher. My awakening; my stirring up.

Esaias (e-sah’yas) Same as Isaiah. Salvation of the Lord; Jehovah is helper; salvation is of the Lord. Jehovah has saved.

Eshean (esh’-e-an) Support. A place of confidence. From the root to lean upon; to rely upon; to put confidence in.

Eshton (esh’-ton) Womanly; rest.

Esli (es’-li)  Same as Azaliah. Reserved of the Lord; Jehovah has reserved. God at my side.

Esther (es’-thur) Star. She that is hidden.

Etham (e’-tham) Boundary of the sea. Their plowshare.

Ethan (e’-than) Firmness; strength; ancient; perplexity.

Ethanim (eth’-a-nim) Gifts.

Esther (e’-ther) Abundance; plenty.

Ethiopia (e-the-o’-pe-ah) Same as Cush. A black countenance; full of darkness; region of burnt faces; blackness.

Ethnan (eth’-nan) A gift of an harlot; hire. Hire of unchastity.

Eunice (yu-ni’-see) Conquering well. Literally. Happy victory.

Euphrates (yu-fra’-teze) Fruitfulness; fruitful; the fertile river. From the root to bear fruit.

Eve (eev) Life; life-giving; living. From the root to live; to prosper; to keep alive; to give life. Mother of all who have life.

Evi (e’-vi) Desire. From the root to desire; to lust.

Exodus (ek’-so-dus) Departure.

Ezar (e’-zar) Treasure.

Ezbai (ez’-bahee)  Spoil. From the root to seize; to spoil; to take spoil; to rob. Beautiful.

Ezbon (ez’-bon) Great beauty; splendor. Hastening to discern; I will be enlargement.

Ezekiel (e-zeke’-yel) Strength of God; whom God will strengthen; God is strong; the man God strengthens.

Ezra (ez’-rah) Help; assistance; my helper.

Ezrahite (ez’-rah-hite) Sprung up. A native (as arising out of the soil).

Ezri (ez’-ri) Help (of the Lord); God is a help.