[G] Bible Names

Gaal (ga’-al) Loathing; an abhorrence; rejection; contempt.

Gaba (ga’-ash) Hill; highlander.

Gabbai (gab’-bahee) An exacter of tribute; in-gatherer; tax gatherer. My eminences.

Gabriel (ga’-bre-el) Man of God. God my strength.

Gad (gad) Good fortune; good luck; a troop. From the root to gather in troops; to cut through. A seer.

Gaius (gah’-yus) I am glad. On earth.

Galatia (ga-la’-she-ah) Land of the Gali or Gauls. From the root the same as  Galilee; circuit; rolling; revolving.

Gallim (gal’-lim) Fountains. Heaps. Billows, as heaps of water.

Gamaliel (gam-a’-le-el) Recompense of God; benefit of God; God is the one who brings recompense; the gift or reward of God.

Geber (ghe’-bur) Warrior; hero; strong.

Gebim (ghe’-bim) Pits; trenches. Grasshoppers.

Gedaliah (ghed-a-li’-ah) Magnified of the Lord; whom Jehovah has made great; Jehovah is great. Brought up by God.

Gedeon (ghed’-e-on) The cutter down. Greek form of Gideon. Feller; cutter down; one who cutes down; a hewer down; a cutting down. He that bruises; great warrior.

Geder (ghe’-dur) A wall; a walled place.

Geliloth (ghe’-il-oth) Regions. Circles; borders.

Gemariah (ghem-a-ri’-ah) Perfected of the Lord whom Jehovah has completed; Jehovah has fulfilled; accomplishment of the Lord. God has finished; from the root to perfect; to perform; to bring to an end.

Genesis (jen’-e-sis) Generation; beginning.

Gershom (ghur’-shom) A stranger there; exile; expulsion. A sojourner there.

Gether (ghe’-ther) Fear (of the enemy)); vale of trial. A proud spy.

Geuel. (ghe-u’-el) Majesty of God; salvation of God. From the root to lift up; to triumph gloriously. Exalt ye God.

Giah (ghi’-ah) Breaking forth; of a fountain; gushing forth. To draw out; extend.

Giddar (ghib’-bar) Hero; mighty; mighty man.

Gibeah (ghib’-e-ah) The hill; a hill.

Giddel (ghid’-del) He has become great; very great; gigantic; he has magnified.

Gedeon (ghid’-e-on) Feller; cutter down; one who cuts down; a hewer down; a cutting down. He that bruises; a great warrior.

Gilalai (ghil’-a-lahee) Rolled off of the Lord. Weighty

Golan (go’-lan) Great exodus; exile. The root is a band of exiles. Their captivity; their rejoicing.

Golgotha (gol’-go-thah) Place of a skill.

Goliath (go-li’-ath) Exile; the exile; sooth sayer. Taken captive. Stripped (as a captive).

Gomer (go’-mer) Complete; completion; heat; perfect; conclusion;. Filling up of the measure of idolatry or ripeness of consummate wickedness.

Gomorrah (go-mor’-rah) People of fear; fear of the people; a rebellious people. The root- a people; to be fearful; to tremble. Depression. the root- to bind; to subdue. Bondage.

Gopher (go’-pher) Covered; pitch-wood.

Goshen (go’-shen) The place or temple of the sun. Approaching. Drawing near.

Grecia (gre’-sha) A defrauder. Unstable; the miry one.

Greece (gres) Unstable; the mirey one.

Guni (gu’-ni) My garden; protected; painted with color.