[H] Bible Names

Haahashtari (ha-a-hash’-te-ri) Muleteer. From root word meaning I will diligently observe the searching.

Habaiah (hab-ah’-yah) Hidden of the Lord.

Habakkuk (hab’-ak-kuk) Embracing(as a token of love). From the root word meaning to embrace; to foldthe hands together. Ardently embraced.

Habaziniah (hab-az-in-i’-ah) Light of Jehovah. The hiding of Jah’s thorn.

Habor (ha’-bor) Uniting together. From the root meaning to join together; to couple together; to make a league).

Hachaliah (hak-a-li’-ah) Dark flashing of the Lord; From the root meaning to be dark (the eyes). The waiting on Jah.

Hachilah (hak’-I- lah) Dark. Dusky.

Hachmoni (hak’-mo-ni) Very wise. The root word- to be wise; to be cunning; to be skillful.

Hadad (ha’-dad) Chief. Most eminent; most high. Sharpness. Noisy.

Hadadezer (had-a-de’-zer) Whose help is Hadad. Mighty is the help. Hadar is a help; beauty of assistance.

Hadar (ha’-dar) Ornament; honor. From the root to honor; to deck oneself with ornaments. and glorious apparel. Privy chamber.

Hadarezer (had-a-re’-zer) Majesty of help. Whose help Hadad. Honor of the helper.

Hadashah (had’-a-shah) New. from the root meaning to renew; repair. Renewal.

Hadid (ha’-did) Sharp. From the root to be sharp.

Hadlai (had’-la-I) Forsaken of the Lord; frail; lax. From root, to forsake; to leave; to leave off; to cease; to forebear.

Hagar (ha’-gar) Same as Agar. Flight. From root word to flee. Came to mean fugitive; immigrant. The sojourner. Ensnaring.

Haggai (hag’-ga-i) Festival of the Lord; festal; born of a festival day. From the root word to keep a feast, with the idea of dancing; to dance; to leap with joy; to reel to and fro. My solemn feast.

Halak (ha’-lak) Smooth.

Hallelujah (Hal-le-loo’-yah) [Alleluia] Praise ye the Lord.

Ham(ham) Heat; hot; warm; black; dark. From root word to wax warm; to wax hot; to inflame. (The second son of Noah) Further meaning, Noisy. From root, to make noise; to rage; to roar, like the sea.

Haman (Ha’-man) Alone; solitary. Well disposed. A rioter. The rager; their tumult.

Hammelech (ham’-me-lek) The king.

Hammoleketh (ham-mol’-eketh) The  queen or regent.

Hammon (ham’-mon) Hot; great hot baths. From root, to be hot.

Hamuel (ha-mu’-el) Heat (wrath) of God; God is a sun; warmth of God. They were heated of God.

Hamul (ha’-mul) Who has been favored. Who has experienced mercy; pity; pitied.

Hanan (ha’-nan) Compassionate; merciful; gracious. A gracious giver.

Hananeel (ha-nan’-e-e-el) Graciously given of God; whom God graciously gave; God was gracious; God is gracious; the mercy of God.

Hananiah (han-a-ni’-ah) Jehovah is gracious; gift of the Lord; graciously given of the Lord.

Hanes (ha’-nees) Grace has fled; to bring down; to lead down. From  the root to bring; to level.

Haniel (ha’-ne-el) Favor of God; grace of God.

Hannah (han’-nah) Gratuitous gift; grace, mercy,, gracious, graciousness, favor. Bestowed. She was gracious.

Hannathon (han’-na-thon) Extraordinary free gift. Graciously regarded.

Hanoch (ha’–nok) Dedicated. Same as Enoch: Initiated; initiating; dedicated; experienced.

Haphraim (haf-ra’-im) Two wells. two pits. Double digging.

Harhaiah (har-ha-i’-ah) Anger of the Lord. From root, to be angry. To wax hot. To burn.

Harhur (har’-hur) Extreme burning; inflammation. Nobility; distinction.

Harim (ha’-rim) Snub nosed; flat nosed; bent upwards; consecrated. From the root, to have a flat nose; to destroy utterly; to devote; to consecrate.

Harod (ha’–rod) Trembling; fear; terror.

Haroeh (ha-ro–eh) Seeing; seer; vision; the seer.

Harsha (har’-shah) Enchanter; magician. Artifice; deviser; secret work.

Hasadiah (has-a-di’-ah) Love of the Lord; whom Jehovah loves; Jehovah is kind; Jehovah has shown kindness,

Hashabiash (hash-a-bi’-ah) Esteemed of the Lord; whom Jehovah esteems; Jehovah is associated; Jehovah has devised.

Hashem (ha’-shem) Astonished; shining.

Hassenaah (has-se-na’-ah) Same as Senaah: Elevated, the ideal of lifting up. Thorny; the thorn hedge.

Hatita (hat;-it-ah) Exploring; digging. My sin removed.

Havilah (hav’-il-ah) Bringing forth: trembling9with pain); circle. From the root, pang; pain; sorrow; especially of a pregnant woman. To declare to her.

Hazeal (ha’-za-el) He who sees God; whom God watches over. God sees. God has seen.

Hazaiah (ha-za-i’-ah) Seen of the Lord.

Heber (he’-bur) Fellowship; a companion; production. One that passes. From the root, to confederate. A company; enchantment.

Hebron (he’-brun) Confederation; conjunction; alliance; associating. Joining together; union; company.

Hegai (he’-gahee) Venerable. A speaker. My meditations.

Helek (he’-lek) Portion; smoothness. From the root, to be divided; to separated; to flatter.

Helon (he’-lon) Very strong; strong.

Heman (he’-man) Faithful.

Hen (hen) Gracious gift. Grace; favor. From the root, grace; favor; goodwill.

Hermes (her’-mas) Interpreter.  Mercury; herald or messenger of the gods. Sand bank.

Herod (her’-od) Heroic. Son of the hero; the glory of the skin.